The Shire of Mynydd Seren

In the Region of Constellation, Kingdom of the Middle

Constellation Academy of Defense

Constellation Academy of Defense
Shire of Mynydd Seren
June 1st, 5pm (Gate registration opens) to June 3rd, 11am (Site checkout is Noon)

McCormick's Creek State Park
250 McCormick Creek Park Rd.
Spencer, IN 47460

Non Member Adult Registration $15
Adult Member Registration $10
Child Registration $5

*Park entrance fee is $7.00 per vehicle for in-state, $9.00 for out of state.


5-9PM - Gate/Troll Open

7AM - Gate/Troll Open
7AM - Breakfast (Coffee & OJ)
8AM - Equipment inspections and Auths
9AM - Classes begin
12PM - Break for lunch
1PM-3:30 PM - Classes Resume
3:30 PM - Constellation Regional Champion Tournament
6PM - Feast


When you get to the park, we're in Camp McCormick. The park won't allow us to put up signs, so instead of looking for SCA, follow the park signs for Camp McCormick. 

Group camping will be available at McCormick's Creek State Park. Group camp accommodates 100 people in 4 sleeping barracks that have electric lights, 4 electrical outlets, a smoke detector, modern toilets and no heat. Each barrack sleeps 25 people in 13 sets of bunk beds (no pillows or linens provided). A central shower house is shared by both group camps (no towels provided). Any questions can be directed to the Event Steward. 

Class Schedule and List:

The class schedule may change between now and the event due to further class additions. 

Class Schedule/List is TBA.

Event Staff:

Event steward: Liu Kuaici
Class coordinator: Cecily O'Donnell 
Webminister: Sara Hasenkamp
Feast staff: Peter Grau von Bremen, Vindis Sigtryggsson

Written by Hasenkamp on Monday October 17, 2016