The Shire of Mynydd Seren

In the Region of Constellation, Kingdom of the Middle

Class Schedule

Feast Hall Outside 1 Outside 2 Outside 3
9AM Rapier MiT 101 Preparing for your first Authorization
10AM How to Teach Danger Drill Give C&T a Chance How to Lunge and Parry Better
11AM Balance, Strength and Motion in Fencing What do you Want to Work On? Intro to Grappling Beginner Dagger
NOON Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall) Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall) Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall) Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall)
1PM Popular Tourneys and How to Run Them Crossing Over to Armored Come Play with Swords Destreza
2PM Pedagogy and Curriculum Development (2:00-3:30) Armored Spear for Rapier Fighters C&T Melee Measure Awareness

Class descriptions are forthcoming.

***Please note that classes are subject to change times/spots due to further class additions.

Classes & Teachers:

Rapier MiT 101Warder Cecily O’Donell

How to TeachMaster Adam Comyn

Balance, Strength, and Motion in FencingWarder Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr

Swordswomen’s RoundtableLady Gwynneth verch Ieuan

Popular Tourneys and How to Run Them – Warder Cecily O’Donell

Pedagogy and Curriculum Development Master Kai Tseng & Lady Gwynneth verch Ieuan (90 minutes)

Preparing for Your First AuthorizationLady Christina Noëlle

Danger DrillBaron Pieter van Doorn

What do You Want to Work On?Warder Raphael di Merisi

Crossing Over to ArmoredWarder Marcos de Ribeira

Armored Spear for Rapier FightersWarder Marcos de Ribeira

Give C&T a ChanceWarder Tedesco da Vanezia

Intro to GrapplingWarder Tedesco da Vanezia

Come Play With SwordsWarder Tedesco da Vanezia

C&T MeleeWarder Tedesco da Vanezia

How to Lunge and Parry Better Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel

Beginner DaggerLord Liu Kuiaci

DestrezaMaster Kai Tseng

Measure AwarenessMaster Darius Lowen

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