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Class Schedule

Feast Hall Outside 1 Outside 2 Outside 3
9AM Rapier MiT 101 Preparing for your first Authorization
10AM How to Teach Danger Drill Give C&T a Chance How to Take Advantage of Your Opponent's Mistakes

Popular Tourneys and How to Run Them

What do you Want to Work On? Intro to Grappling Beginner Dagger
NOON Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall) Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall) Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall) Swordswomen's Roundtable (Lunch Hall)
1PM Balance, Strength and Motion in Fencing Crossing Over to Armored Come Play with Swords Destreza
2PM Pedagogy and Curriculum Development (2:00-3:30) Armored Spear for Rapier Fighters C&T Melee Measure Awareness

***Please note that classes are subject to change times/spots due to further class additions.

Rapier MiT 101 – Warder Cecily O'Donell
This class will cover the MiT process from start to finish, and will include an Administration signature for any MiT in attendance who needs it.

How to Teach In an Hour – Master Adam Comyn
A great teacher does more than know their topic, they also know how to present that topic. When you have a "what" worth sharing, this class will go over the techniques of "how" to bring the topic into focus, keep the interrupters at bay, and make it stick for your audience. A sample topic will be provided for those who don't have one.

Balance, Strength, and Motion in Fencing – Warder Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr
This class will discuss what it means to be strong and balanced when fencing, and will provide some insight in maintaining strength and good balance and using that to protect your body against common fencing injuries to the back, knees, and ankles. It will also look at some exercises to build, maintain, and enhance balance and strength for greater range of motion and easier recovery from lunges or retreats.

Swordswomen's Roundtable – Lady Gwynneth verch Ieuan
Lady and gentleman fencers are encouraged to come together for this educational roundtable discussion on being a lady fencer. Lady Gwynn will also present a current report of findings from her on-going research into why there are so few women in the upper levels of fencing achievement.

Popular Tourneys and How to Run Them – Warder Cecily O'Donell
This class will cover several popular tournament formats, and how best to run them efficiently. Open to all (non-fighters, too!).

Pedagogy and Curriculum Development – Master Kai Tseng & Lady Gwynneth verch Ieuan (90 minutes)
Master Kai & Lady Gwynneth turn their practice format into a lesson on how to teach sound fencing principles.

Preparing for Your First Authorization – Lady Christina Noëlle
An overview of what happens in a first authorization, covering the "book" info, practical, and other issues to note.

Danger Drill – Baron Pieter van Doorn
Sometimes rapier combat happens so quickly that it's hard to keep track of the action. This training exercise will slow down the tempo of a practice bout, giving both combatants plenty of time to see what's happening and what to do about it. All skill levels welcome.

What do You Want to Work On? – Warder Raphael di Merisi
Come with a problem/question, leave with an answer. Open to any and all skill levels. Please bring full gear.

Crossing Over to Armored – Warder Marcos de Ribeira
This class is an information class on crossing over to the Armored combat list. We will talk about armor requirements, building and acquiring armor for all budgets, authorization process, weapon styles, weapon construction, tournament, melees, and Champions teams from the armored perspective.
We will also talk about tricks the cross over well from the rapier list to the heavy list for different styles.
I will have a hand out and some armor plans for those that would like it. Armor is not required as this is a discussion class but gloves would be beneficial for handling weapons.

Armored Spear for Rapier Fighters – Warder Marcos de Ribeira
This class will cover armor requirements and the authorization process for becoming an Armored spear fighter. We will also cover spear rules, construction, tactics, and tricks. Hand outs will be provided, students are encouraged to bring spears if they have them. Some loaner spears will be on hand.

Give C&T a Chance – Warder Tedesco da Vanezia
This is an opportunity to try Cut-and-Thrust in a relaxed, beginner-friendly environment. Techniques for throwing cuts and not actually injuring your opponent will be taught. Spare C&T armor bits and weapons will be available.

Intro to Grappling – Warder Tedesco da Vanezia
Interested in the grappling experiment?
If you have prior experience with contact martial arts or no experience whatsoever, we'll be discussing and drilling techniques that are suitable for introductory material into grappling in the SCA list. While we won't have to "go to the ground", wear old clothing. Yes, also beginner-friendly. This will be a slow work drill class with no sparring, so experience or authorization is not necessary. (If we don't have any interested beginners, we

Come Play With Swords – Warder Tedesco da Vanezia
Never tried long swords? How about sabers? Arming sword and buckler from I.33? Messers? Bolognese side-sword? This sparring class is open to anyone who wants to try different weapon styles, and listen to sword geeks who won't shut up about them. All skill levels welcome, spare C&T armor bits will be available, as well as lots of different weapons.

C&T Melee – Warder Tedesco da Vanezia
If we have enough people who are authorized to participate in the C&T Melee experiment, we've set aside this time to do a few passes instead of throwing it together at the last minute for once... (Requires C&T authorization for 2 years, so this is not a beginner class.)

How to Take Advantage of Your Opponent's Mistakes – Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel (with Warder Raphael di Merisi) Ever wonder how that A-list fencer can walk up to the list and destroy the competition? It's simple—you just have to know what to look for. This class will teach you how to spot fundamental errors in your opponent's defense and make the most of them. It may just help you sort out a mistake or two in your own game as well.

Beginner Dagger – Lord Liu Kuiaci
Introduction to sword & dagger.

Destreza – Master Kai Tseng
Master Kai will teach a lesson on the late period Iberian fencing style.

Measure Awareness – Master Darius 
Discussion on measure, manipulation of measure perception, danger zones, and how it relates to "time". Welcome to all levels, bring weapon and armor, but can be done without.

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